Sunday, August 15, 2010

Online RSA Courses in Australia - Beware!

Check before doing any RSA Course in Australia, particularly an Online RSA Course. Many states in Australia don't accept online RSA courses or don't accept RSA Certificates from other states. Sound confusing? Look at what some RSA Training providers have in the small print of their pages: and then contact us to make sure you do the right RSA Course for you.

Some confusing quotes from RSA training providers websites regarding Online and other RSA Courses:

"The National Unit of Competency provided by this online course WILL NOT meet these special requirements for New South Wales.
"Not valid in TAS, NSW or QLD."
"The nationally recognised qualification is NOT for people working in New South Wales (NSW), (NSW LAB approved required in a face to face class– not available online), Tasmania and NOT for people in Victoria ...or the Licensee of the business in any States."
"The Tasmanian Commissioner for Licensing has advised he will not accept qualifications received online."

Which RSA Course do you need??? Contact us to make sure you don't waste your money on the wrong course.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Online RSA Course

The QLD Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation has approved online RSA Courses for the State of Queensland.

This is particulary useful for people yet to arrive in Australia but would like to improve the chances of securing a job in a bar or restaurant. In Australia, Liquor Laws vary between states - make sure you do the right RSA course!!!

Email RSA Training QLD for information about an Online RSA Course that suits you best.


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

QLD: Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) in Queensland (QLD)

Following is an extract from web site of the The Liquor Licensing Division (QLD) The full page regarding RSA Training is here: LLD Website

Is the Liquor Licensing Division's RSA training mandatory in Queensland?

  • The LLD's RSA training is only mandatory for staff of licensed premises in the Brisbane City Council area that are licensed to trade after 1am, if they have not completed an RSA certificate in the three years prior to the start date of the mandatory requirement. Once the three years on their last RSA certificate expires, they are required to complete an LLD RSA program to meet the mandatory qualification.
  • The mandatory requirement commenced on 1 March 2006.
  • Staff of licensed premises includes licensees, nominees, crowd controllers and staff on duty at any time engaged in the supply and service of alcohol (e.g. bar attendants, glass collectors, hosts and hostesses, managers)
  • Staff of these premises will have 30 days to complete the training from their first day of employment with the licensed premises.
  • There is no mandatory requirement to do RSA training anywhere else in Queensland at this stage however the LLD strongly encourages completion of the program, particularly as the implementation of Stage 2 of the Statewide Safety Action Plan will occur later in 2006.

NSW: Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) in New South Wales

Following is an extract from web site of the NSW Office of Liquor,Gaming and Racing. The full page regarding RSA Training is here: OLGR Website

Responsible service of alcohol (RSA) course

The NSW liquor laws require a Board approved RSA course to be completed by:

  • all liquor licensees and club secretaries
  • all people involved in the retail sale, supply or service of liquor in licensed venues. This includes promotional staff, club directors, and volunteers serving liquor under a function licence, and
  • security officers working at licensed venues.

The training requirements do not apply to employees of wholesale, brewer and some vigneron licences.

RSA certificates currently have no expiry date and there is no statutory requirement to undertake refresher training in RSA. However, you must ensure you have completed a course from a Board approved provider.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Australian Liquor Authorities

We do our best to make sure all information on this site is correct and up to date and the best way to have the latest news regarding RSA Training is to contact the State Liquor Authority directly. The links will take you to the sites of the regulator of liquor laws in each state.

Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) Course in Australia, contact us:

New South Wales (NSW):
Department of Gaming and Racing - Liquor Administration Board

Queensland (QLD):
Liquor Licensing Division (QLD)

Western Australia (WA):
Department of Racing, Gaming & Liquor - WA

Tasmania (TAS):
Department of Treasury and Finance - Licensing (Liquor & Accommodation) TAS

Australian Capital Territory (ACT):
Liquor and Adult Services Regulation Branch ACT

Victoria (VIC):
Liquor Licensing Victoria

Northern Territory (NT):
Treasury - Racing, Gaming and Licensing

South Australia (SA):
Office of the Liquor and Gaming Commissioner SA